Production and laboratory chairs, with permanent contact backrest, Neon 2

Supplier: BIMOS

139-0641EA 499 EUR
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Production and laboratory chairs, with permanent contact backrest, Neon 2
Neon supports the forward-leaning sitting position that is often necessary in lab work. Its modern design matches the high-tech laboratory environment perfectly and of course it has all the characteristics you would expect of a good laboratory chair. It is seamless, easy to clean, washable, and resistant to disinfectants. So, Neon is the ideal solution for the laboratory, when a really comfortable ergonomic chair is needed.

  • Castors
  • Permanent contact backrest
  • Ergonomic package with height, seat inclination, seat depth and backrest height adjustment and, weight regulation
  • Robust design for a long service life
  • Very few composite materials
  • Easy change of upholstery
  • Flex strip available in three colours
  • Five-star base made of aluminium; powder coated black
  • Anti-shock lock
  • Certified sustainable production

Permanent contact backrest: It follows the user's movements and ensures that the back always remains fully supported. Weight regulation ensures that the balance between the resistance of the backrest and the body weight is always steady. The permanent contact backrest is ideal for work where people have to lean forward for a long time, with only small distance between the eyes and workpiece (e.g. working at close range in a laboratory).

Certifications: Blue Angel Eco Label
Non toxic
Complies with DIN 68 877 standards
Conforms to quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001
Complies with regulation EWG No. 1836/93 and Environmental Management System DIN EN ISO14001
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