LED illumination units for fluorescence, CoolLED pE-200 and pE-300

Supplier: COOLLED

630-2466EA 3020 EUR
630-2466 630-2490 630-2465 630-2493 630-2470 630-2468 CLEDPE300WDSB72E30 630-2492 630-2491 630-2467 630-2469 630-2494 630-2489
LED illumination units for fluorescence, CoolLED pE-200 and pE-300
Lights LED Illumination
These LED illuminators are designed to replace high pressure mercury lamps used on fluorescence microscopes. They can be specified with two or three LED wavelength combinations, respectively. No mercury, instant on/off, no bulb changing, no downtime, no warm up, no unwanted UV and reduced photobleaching. You can also benefit from better contrast for sharper images and seeing deeper into cells. They are suitable for routine screening, tissue culture, diagnostics, confocal and clinical.

  • Intensity control: 0 to 100% in 1% increments (independent for each LED wavelength)
  • Fast switching: using TTL control
  • Environmentally friendly: mercury free, so no harzardous materials and no disposal issues
  • Long lifetime: minimum of 10000 hours without a bulb change
  • Quiet operation: 22 dB(A) with less heat generated than conventional mercury vapour lamps

Delivery information: Each unit comprises an LED illumination unit (which can be fitted directly to the epi-fluorescence attachment of the relevant microscope) control pod with BNC input for TTL trigger, universal power supply. Filter blocks for specific fluorophores are required but not supplied, please contact your local VWR sales office for details.
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