CyDye™ mono-reactive dyes for protein arrays

Supplier: Cytiva
25-8009-87EA 220 EUR
CyDye™ mono-reactive dyes for protein arrays
CyDye™ reagents are important as fluorescent labels for biological compounds. CyDye™ fluors are intensely fluorescent and highly water soluble, providing significant advantages over other fluorophores. CyDye™ fluors form the core of many key technologies and platforms, in fields as diverse as DNA microarrays, 2-D DIGE, DNA sequencing, high-throughput screening, flow cytometry, and protein arrays, where they are particularly suited to highly sensitive and accurate differential analysis.

  • Discrete signal from each fluor contributes to high accuracy with no cross-talk when multiplexing
  • Colour-coded containers aid identification – red for Cy3, blue for Cy5
  • Dyes packaged separately to allow sandwich (one-dye) and direct (two-dye) labelling
  • Easy to follow protocol describes conjugation of dye to protein, removal of excess dye using Sephadex® G-50 gel filtration medium, and estimation of final CyDye™/protein ratio

Delivery information: Supplied with 2 securitainers each containing dried dye to label 1 mg of protein and sufficient reagent to label 20 - 80 protein array slides or up to 2 mg protein.
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