Bottles, wide neck, square, with screw cap, Corning® Gosselin™

Supplier: Corning
FC520-06 FCP500-03 LC1000-02 LC1000-03 LC1000-04 LC1000-06 LC1000-07 LC1000-08 LC1000-09 LC1000-13 LC1020-03 LC150A-03 LC150A-07 LC150A-09 LC150A-11 LC2000-01 LC2000-02 LC2000-03 LC2000-05 LC2000-07 LC2000-08 LC2000-10 LC2000-17 LC2020-01 LC250-03 LC250-04 LC250-08 LC250-10 LC250-11 LC250-13 LC500-02 LC500-03 LC500-04 LC500-05 LC500-07 LC500-11 LC500-12 LC500-13 LC520-02 LC500-20 F2000-05 F2700-02 FC520-02 FC520-04 FC520-08 FC520-10 FCP100-04 FCP100-05 LC1000-16 LC150A-05 LC150A-08 LC250-06 LC250-25 LC500-10 LC500-23 LC500-33 FC500-12 LC250-20 LC150A-06 F2000-02 LC150A-15 LC2000-18 LC2000-25 LC2500A-09
GOSSFC520-06EA 224 EUR
GOSSFC520-06 GOSSFCP500-03 215-0708 GOSSLC1000-03 215-3951 215-3952 215-0710 215-1291 215-3271 215-3954 212-5185 GOSSLC150A-03 215-0716 215-0714 215-0717 215-0719 215-3248 215-0718 215-0720 GOSSLC2000-07 GOSSLC2000-08 215-1292 GOSSLC2000-17 215-0722 GOSSLC250-03 215-3960 215-3249 215-0730 215-3273 215-1293 215-0732 GOSSLC500-03 GOSSLC500-04 GOSSLC500-05 215-0734 GOSSLC500-11 215-0735 215-3274 GOSSLC520-02 215-3257 215-3950 215-3251 GOSSFC520-02 GOSSFC520-04 GOSSFC520-08 GOSSFC520-10 GOSSFCP100-04 GOSSFCP100-05 215-3956 GOSSLC150A-05 215-3272 GOSSLC250-06 215-3256 GOSSLC500-10 GOSSLC500-23 215-3258 GOSSFC500-12 215-3961 215-3252 215-3929 215-3253 215-3254 215-3255 GOSSLC2500A-09
Bottles, wide neck, square, with screw cap, Corning® Gosselin™
Bottles Plastic Bottles
Space saving bottles made of HDPE, translucent with HDPE or LDPE screw cap.

  • Good chemical resistance, good temperature resistance
  • Sterile oder packed under aseptic conditions
  • Excellent shock resistance

Ideal for liquid, solid and powder storage. Good level of tightness according to the closure system used and application.
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