Inverted fluorescence microscopes, Axio Vert A1 FL-LED

Supplier: Zeiss
Axio Vert
ZEIS4230529521000EA 0 EUR
ZEIS4230529521000 ZEIS4880140000000 630-2152 ZEIS4230529572000 ZEIS4880019901000 ZEIS4880499901400 ZEIS4230529552000 ZEIS4880509901000 ZEIS4230529511000 ZEIS0000001374896 ZEIS4278099000000
Inverted fluorescence microscopes, Axio Vert A1 FL-LED
The Axio Vert A1 FL-LED has a four-position mount for LED modules for reflected light fluorescence. One position is for green fluorescent protein (GFP).

  • Differential interference contrast to observe the finest cells structures (optional)
  • LED fluorescence, long lifetime, homogeneous illumination with full intensity
  • No heating and cooling period required during the LED fluorescence
  • Ergonomic design to comfortably work in an upright position
  • Optional contrast systems (iHMC, PlasDIC, DIC)
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