Flathead mop covers, SnapMop™

Supplier: Micronova

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Flathead mop covers, SnapMop™
A range of lightweight, snap-on flat head mop covers with urethane foam interiors, designed for effective cleaning and sanitising in the cleanroom. A variety of fabric options provide excellent absorbency, effective cleaning, and disinfectant dispersal for specialised cleaning.

  • Easy to change covers fit securely over mop frame
  • Urethane foam interiors fully encased in a choice of fabrics
  • NovaPoly: 100% smooth knit polyester provides excellent disinfectant dispersal
  • PolySorb: 100% textured polyester for removing residues and dispersing disinfectant
  • MegaTex: 100% non-woven polyamide is absorbent with a mildly abrasive surface
  • PolyMesh: 100% polyester with a layer of mesh provides a mild scrubbing surface
  • 228,6 mm covers are excellent for pass-throughs and smaller spaces
  • 355,6 and 457,2 mm covers are ideal for floors, walls, and ceilings

Covers are constructed with a thin urethane foam interior completely encased in polyester, ensuring no exposed foam and resulting in less weight and faster drying. Available in 100% polyester or with 'cleaning bands' in microfibre for additional cleaning power or MegaTex® for cleaning rough/textured surfaces or removing heavy deposits. Can be laundered, re-used and able to withstand alcohol, strong disinfectants and steam sterilisation. Also available gamma irradiated.

Stainless steel snap fasteners connection.
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