Water purification systems, Direct-Q® 5 UV, Direct-Q® 8 UV

Supplier: Millipore

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Water purification systems, Direct-Q® 5 UV, Direct-Q® 8 UV
Water Purification Systems Pure and Ultra Pure Water Systems
The Direct-Q® range of systems provides the user with a convenient and flexible solution for pure and ultrapure water requirements, directly from potable tap water. The user will have access to ultrapure water for critical applications, and pure water for less critical applications such as general glassware washing or final rinsing from the same system. The high quality ultrapure water produced by Direct-Q® systems is suitable for applications such as production of mobile phase for chromatographic separations; preparation of blanks and standard solutions for spectrophotometry, spectroscopy or other analytical techniques; and preparation of buffers for biochemical experiments. For the production of type I and type III water.

  • An integral timer makes it possible to dispense type I water for a specified time period; the system switches off automatically when the set time has elapsed
  • An alarm is triggered when there is a sudden drop in the quality of the product water
  • Water quality parameters (resistivity or conductivity, temperature) are shown on a colour display
  • Maintenance consists of a simple pack replacement once or twice a year

Designed to fit perfectly into the lab environment, the versatile remote dispenser can be placed up to two metres from Direct-Q® water purification unit. The units can be bench or wall mounted (wall mount bracket required). Alternatively, Direct-Q® systems are also available with an integrated dispenser for use on the bench top. The design of the bench-installed Direct-Q® systems is also adapted to the height and shape of common laboratory glassware.

Direct-Q® systems include with a built-in 185/254 nm UV lamp to reduce the level of organics for critical applications. Water with low TOC provides important benefits to HPLC users such as higher sensitivity and longer column lifetime. The same UV lamp also destroys bacteria.

Pure (type III) product water quality values (in regular operating conditions):
Ionic rejection >96%
Organic rejection for MW>200>99%
Bacteria and particulates rejection >99%

Ordering information: Delivered with main Direct-Q® system. Please order Millipak® Express or a BioPak® final filter, tank vent filter and SmartPak™ DQ3 (for Direct-Q® 5 UV) or DQ8 (for Direct-Q® 8 UV) cartridge separately.

Caution: Particulates, bacteria, endotoxins (pyrogens), RNases, DNases levels quoted are with Millipak® Express or with BioPak® as final polisher.
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