Utrasonic bath, S 50 R

Supplier: Elma
142-0059EA 984 EUR
Utrasonic bath, S 50 R
Ultrasonic Baths
Elmasonic S 50 R 'Lab Technology'- for the cleaning of analysing sieves, degassing of HPLC solvents and processing of samples. Microprocessor-controlled ultrasonic modes and special pre-defined programs assist every standard laboratory and cleaning application.
The special 'sieve cleaning' program uses two ultrasonic modes alternately which creates powerful cleaning pulses and leads to perfect cleaning results.

  • Automatic programs with specially defined ultrasonic modes
  • Especially efficient with noise-reduced 'Degas' mode (gas lift-out effect)
  • High performance 37 kHz transducer
  • Ultrasonic tank made from cavitation resistant stainless steel
  • User friendly, clearly arranged operating panel and turning knob for continuous and short period operation from 1 to 30 minutes
  • LED display for both pre-set, actual temperature and for the remaining operating time
  • Plastic carrying handles

HPLC solvents are degassed in Erlenmeyer flasks or in 1 litre solvent bottles. The rear of the Elmasonic S 50 R is fitted with a rack for a laboratory holder. The flask or bottle fixed to the holder is immersed into the tank filled with water and some surface-active agent. The special 'Degas' mode degasses the liquid reliably within approx. 30 minutes. The gas is 'collected' to form large bubbles which are taken to the surface and then out of the liquid in short operating breaks. The 'Degas' mode can also be used for the degassing of samples in the food sector, e.g. for the removal of carbon dioxide.

Another feature is the ultrasonic 'sample prep' mode for standard applications such as mixing, dissolving, cleaning, etc.
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