HPLC columns, Dionex™ OmniPac™

Supplier: Thermo Fisher Scientific
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HPLC columns, Dionex™ OmniPac™
Chromatography Columns
OmniPac is a range of latex-based columns. Ideal for the seperation of the high molecular weight organic acids.

  • Delivers optimal separation of very hydrophobic and halogenated anions
  • Provides simultaneous separation of neutral and ionic species
  • Unique selectivity for polar and ionic organic analytes

This polymer-based mixed-mode column is solvent compatible and stable over the entire pH range of 1 to 14. Solvents may be used to affect selectivity as well as to remove contaminants to extend column lifetime. The PAX-500 and PCX-500 columns separate analytes through both ion exchange and reversed-phase mechanisms, due to their higher reversedphase capacity relative to the PAX-100 and PCX-100 columns.
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