Cation exchange HPLC columns, ProPac™ SCX-10 and WCX-10

Supplier: Thermo Fisher Scientific
554-5300EA 1070.83 EUR
554-5300 555-7290 554-5305 554-5304 554-5303 554-5302 554-5301 555-7301 555-7444 555-7443 555-7454 555-7289 555-7274 555-7442 555-7441
Cation exchange HPLC columns, ProPac™ SCX-10 and WCX-10
Chromatography Columns
The ProPac HPLC columns are weak and strong cation exchange columns with exceptionally high resolution and efficiency for separations of protein variants.

  • Characterisation and quality control assessment of monoclonal antibodies and other proteins
  • Useful for characterisation of related protein variants including deamidation and monoclonal antibodies lysine truncation variants

Based on stationary phases composed of 10 µm nonporous polymeric beads, these columns resolve isoforms that differ by a single charged residue. A thin, hydrophilic layer grafted to the particle core eliminates unwanted secondary interactions. The cation-exchange surface provides pH-based selectivity control and fast mass transfer for high-efficiency separation and moderate capacity.
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