Organic size exclusion chromatography columns, GPC KF series

Supplier: Resonac

F6028096 F6028116 F6028114 F6028092 F6028091 F6028093 F6028094 F6028095 F6028098 F6028111 F6028112
554-2811EA 1790 EUR
554-2811 554-2819 554-2818 554-2807 554-2806 554-2808 554-2809 554-2810 554-2813 554-2816 554-2817
Organic size exclusion chromatography columns, GPC KF series
Chromatography Columns
These are organic solvent SEC (GPC) columns.

  • The amount of solvent used is reduced to about a third
  • Improved applicability of solvent replacement

Rapid analysis downsized columns: Approximately half the analysis time compared to standard columns.

High performance semi-micro columns: About 1,5 times better separation performance than standard columns, obtains higher resolution. About 4 times better sensitivity than that of standard columns, supports high sensitivity analysis.

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