Flame ionisation detector (FID) supplies

Supplier: Agilent Technologies
HEWL8710-1346EA 20.4 EUR
HEWL8710-1346 HEWL19231-60680 HEWL9301-0985 HEWLG1531-80620 HEWL19301-60660 HEWL19244-80620 HEWL8710-1561 HEWL19244-80610 HEWL5180-4165 HEWL19231-21050 HEWL5180-4153 HEWL19301-00150 HEWL19231-80530 HEWLG3431-60680 HEWL19244-80560 HEWL18710-20119 HEWL5181-3311 HEWLG1531-21090 HEWLG1531-80560 HEWL19231-20940 HEWL19231-80520 HEWL19231-20970 HEWL5180-4150 HEWL18710-60170 HEWLG1531-60680 HEWL19231-21060 HEWLG1531-20700 HEWL5180-4152 HEWL5188-5372 HEWLG1531-60690 HEWL5182-3450 HEWLG1531-20690 HEWL19231-20910 HEWL5080-4978
Flame ionisation detector (FID) supplies
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Before ordering parts for FID maintenance, determine which type of FID is installed on your GC. The FID is available in two versions:
Dedicated, capillary optimized: for capillary columns only
Adaptable: for packed or capillary columns

To determine the type of FID installed on your GC, open the oven door and examine the fitting at the base of the detector.
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