HPLC columns, BioBasic™

Supplier: Thermo Fisher Scientific
HYPE72105-102130EA 1040 EUR
HYPE72105-102130 HYPE72105-152130 HYPE72105-154630 HYPE72205-254630 HYPE72405-152130 HYPE72305-052130 HYPE72305-014001 HYPE72305-252130 HYPE72105-052130 HYPE72405-052130 HYPE72305-012101 HYPE72105-011001 HYPE72305-101030 HYPE72305-254630 HYPE72305-154030 HYPE72105-151030 HYPE72105-101030 HYPE72105-252130 HYPE72305-152130 HYPE72105-014001 HYPE72305-154630 HYPE72105-254630 HYPE72105-012101 HYPE72305-051030 HYPE72105-051030 HYPE72305-102130 HYPE72305-104630
HPLC columns, BioBasic™
Chromatography Columns
The BioBasic™ HPLC columns are ideal for analysis of proteins, peptides and other biomolecules. The BioBasic reversed phase packings are available in C18, C8, C4, phenyl and cyano chemistries.
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