Low pressure unions, Upchurch Scientific®

P-602 P-603 P-620 P-622 P-623 P-630 P-631 P-645 P-702 P-702-01 P-703 P-703-01 P-708-02
554-3121EA 12.4 EUR
554-3121 554-3122 554-3123 554-3124 554-3125 UPCHP-630 UPCHP-631 UPCHP-645 554-3156 554-3157 554-3158 554-3159 UPCHP-708-02
Low pressure unions, Upchurch Scientific®
Fittings and Connectors
These low pressure unions are made from PEEK, ETFE, Delrin or PP.

  • Pressure rating up to 1000 psi (69 bar) for PEEK union assemblies
  • Chemically resistant
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