Filter plates, 96-well, for solvent filtration, AcroPrep™ Advance

Supplier: Pall Laboratory
AcroPrep™ Advance
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738-0109 514-1099 738-0122 514-1096 514-1097 738-0131 738-0132 738-0121 738-0110 514-1098 513-0166 513-0164 513-0163 513-0169 513-0168 513-0167
Filter plates, 96-well, for solvent filtration, AcroPrep™ Advance
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The AcroPrep™ Advance filter plate portfolio includes a variety of membrane types and pore sizes that provide the best possible performance for a wide range of sample preparation and high throughput screening applications. Available with a choice of PTFE or wwPTFE membrane.

  • Chemically resistant materials provide a stable platform to process samples in organic solvents
  • Low, non specific binding: inert construction materials ensure complete sample recovery
  • Well geometry results in faster, more uniform filtration rates across the plate with reduced hold-up volume
  • Output tip geometry allows direct flow of samples into receiver plate reducing cross-contamination risk

The wwPTFE (hydrophilic polytetrafluoroethene) membrane is an all-purpose, hydrophilic membrane for aqueous, acidic, basic, non-aggressive organic, and aggressive organic solutions. The wwPTFE membrane offers low protein binding and low levels of UV-absorbing extractables.

Applications include metabolic studies, molecular or drug synthesis reactions, sample preparation using solvents, and aggressive filtration applications.

L×W×H (with lid): 128×86×18 mm (350 μl only)
L×W×H (without lid): 128×86×18 mm (350 μl); 128×86×33 mm (1 ml); 128×86×47 mm (2 ml)

Well bottom area: 0,25 cm²
Recommended operating vacuum: ≥254 mm Hg
Recommended centrifugal force: 1500 ×g

Materials of construction
Filter media: PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) membrane or wwPTFE membrane (water wettable polytetrafluoroethylene) membrane
Plate housing: PP
Lid: PS
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