Water baths, unstirred, SUB Aqua Pro series


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Water baths, unstirred, SUB Aqua Pro series
Baths Water Baths, Unstirred
High quality, digital unstirred water bath range with choice of models from 2 to 34 litres and a dual bath with 5 and 12 litres. Dual baths are ideal when two different temperatures are needed and space is limited. All units have stainless steel tanks and durable painted steel cases, offer fast heat-up times, excellent temperature control, easy to use controls and a bright, clear display. All baths have heater mat technology ensuring optimum working space, without a heating element in the tank they are easier to clean. The 12 litre and larger models feature a convenient drain tap on the front of the bath. The range is ideal for use in university research and teaching, pharma/biotech, healthcare and industrial applications.

  • Excellent temperature control ±0,2 °C stability, temperature range ambient +5 to 99 °C
  • Set and Forget™ technology. Modern technology for fast heat up and excellent temperature accuracy
  • Adjustable over-temperature alarm, bath alarms and cuts off heating at a user defined temperature to protect samples
  • Baths feature advanced dry start and dry run protection, avoiding damage if accidentally switched on without water or bath runs dry. Simply fill and restart
  • 2 point user-defined calibration ensuring optimum accuracy for demanding test setups
  • LED display with 0,1 °C resolution, front panel lock-out to ensure the current settings are not accidentally altered
  • Three programmable temperature presets, countdown timer from 1 to 999 min with audible buzzer for accurate reaction timing

Delivery information: Supplied with a transparent polycarbonate lid and perforated base tray which allows any container to be placed directly in the bath. UK & EU plug included.

Caution: *RT = Ambient
** Required if flat-bottomed flasks are to be placed directly onto the base of the bath and to allow better convection in the bath.
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