Ion exchange HPLC columns, BioBasic™ AX and SCX

Supplier: Thermo Scientific
HYPE73205-251030EA 1180 EUR
HYPE73205-251030 HYPE73105-104630 HYPE73205-153030 HYPE73105-101030 HYPE73205-013001 HYPE73205-103030 HYPE73205-014001 HYPE73205-102130 HYPE73105-051030 HYPE73205-151030 HYPE73105-012101 HYPE73105-014001 HYPE73205-101030 HYPE73105-152130 HYPE73105-013001 HYPE73105-254630 HYPE73105-151030 HYPE73205-154630 HYPE73205-012101 HYPE73205-052130 HYPE73105-054630 HYPE73205-252130 HYPE73205-254630 HYPE73105-052130 HYPE73105-011001 HYPE73205-104630 HYPE73105-154630 HYPE73205-053030 HYPE73205-054630 HYPE73105-153030 HYPE73205-152130 HYPE73105-053030 HYPE73105-102130 HYPE73205-011001
Ion exchange HPLC columns, BioBasic™ AX and SCX
Chromatography Columns
BioBasic™ AX LC columns optimized for the separation of proteins, peptides, other anionic species and highly polar molecules.

  • Low hydrophobicity
  • Use for normal phase and hydrophilic interaction chromatography (HILIC)
  • Weak anion exchange phase for multiple charged species
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