Incubators, IP series

IP60-U IP60-UF IP100-U IP100-UF IP150-U IP150-UF IP250-U IP250-UF IP60-M IP60-MF IP100-M IP100-MF IP150-M IP150-MF IP250-M IP250-MF
390-0147EA 2720 EUR
390-0147 390-0148 390-0131 390-0132 390-0135 390-0136 390-0139 390-0140 390-0145 390-0146 390-0129 390-0130 390-0133 390-0134 390-0137 390-0138
Incubators, IP series
Incubators Standard Incubators
The IP Series ™ of incubators is available in different sizes from 60 to 250 L. Fan circulated or natural convection options are avialable, plus there is a choice of PID control systems to suit most applications. Fast heat-up times, almost undetectable overshoot and superb accuracy table make the IP Series a class-leading product. These incorporate a manual reset over-temperature cut-out, in line with IEC1010-2-010.

‘U’ Models: This Uni-program system offers single temperature selection and control at the push of a button. Following a mains power failure, the controller will automatically re-instate. Timers are fitted to all ‘U’ models.

‘M’ Models: The powerful new Multi-program controller will allow up to eight multiple-step cycles to be stored in the memory at any one time. It also incorporates a selectable temperature ramping function, which allows controlled temperature rise and fall rates to be programmed into a cycle. At the end of a program sequence, the controller can be programmed to stop or repeat the sequence again. The repeat function can be programmed for a specified number of repeats or it can repeat continuously until interrupted. Following a mains power failure, ‘M’ models have three recovery options (cycle hold, start cycle from the beginning or re-start cycle from point of interruption). RS232 or RS485 communication ports can be added to all ‘M’ models. All ‘M’ models are fitted with an inner glass door as standard.

Max. load per shelf: ~15-20 kg distributed evenly
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