Density hydrometers

Supplier: Amarell
AMARH800010EA 25.8 EUR
AMARH800010 AMARH800144 AMARH801282 AMARH800012 614-0531 AMARH800018 AMARH801362 AMARH800006/VC AMARH801062 614-0124 AMARH800010/VC AMARH800190 AMARH801624 AMARH800130 AMARH800004/VC AMARH800156 AMARH801804 AMARH800132 AMARH801070 AMARH800012/VC AMARH801368 AMARH800014 AMARH800022 AMARH800140 AMARH800026 AMARH800160 AMARH800162 AMARH800164 AMARH800030 AMARH800180 AMARH801372 AMARH800008 AMARH801072 AMARH800008/VC AMARH800020 AMARH801056 AMARH801284 AMARH801620 AMARH801364 AMARH801366 AMARH800004 AMARH800016/VC AMARH800042 AMARH800014/VC AMARH801076 AMARH800138 AMARH801074 AMARH800006 AMARH800038 AMARH801632 AMARH800176 AMARH800020/VC AMARH800046 AMARH800024 AMARH801064 AMARH800134 AMARH800044 AMARH800028 AMARH801286 AMARH800168 AMARH801054 AMARH800142 AMARH800146 AMARH801066 614-0121 AMARH800148 AMARH801052 AMARH800018/VC 614-0123 AMARH800016 AMARH800174 614-0125 AMARH801050 AMARH801058 AMARH801370 AMARH800158 AMARH801628 614-0126 AMARH800022/VC AMARH800034 AMARH800060 AMARH800150 AMARH800154 AMARH800170 AMARH800036 AMARH800166 AMARH800032 AMARH801360 AMARH801060 AMARH800136 AMARH800040 AMARH800172
Density hydrometers
General purpose hydrometers for density areas.

  • Paper scale and shot weighted body
  • Hydrometer accuracy ±1 scale division
  • Thermometer inside the hydrometer body

Used in laboratories and industry.
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