Laboratory vacuum systems

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Laboratory vacuum systems
Pumps Vacuum Rotary Evaporator Pumps
Compact, dry-running, chemical resistant pump systems with a range of vacuum control options that plays an ideal solution for many applications in chemical laboratories and research.

  • Both manual and automatic pump system with built-in solvent library
  • Close to 100% solvent recovery
  • Optimal stability with multi-lingual digital display
  • Maintenance-free drive system and proven long diaphragm life
  • Quick and easy maintenance for user-friendly operation
  • Inlet separator to protect pump from liquid and particle ingestion
  • Exhaust condenser for optimal solvent recovery

Unregulated vacuum systems is used when ultimate vacuum is required at all times. Manually regulated vacuum controller has a fine regulator control valve that is used to regulate the vacuum by acting as a bleed valve.

The standard electronic two point vaccum controller uses a chemically resistant solenoid valve to control the process vacuum while the pump runs continually so that vacuum is automatically controlled at set point using on/off solenoid valve.

Ecoflex digital vacuum controller varies the speed of the pump automatically to maintain the defined vacuum level regardless of changes in the process requirements. This method exhibits genuine single point (hysteresis-free) control and therefore a stable vacuum level that results in up to 40% increase in evaporation rates with minimal bumping or foaming of precious samples.

Economic digital vacuum controller uses the same two point control system in which pump automatically turns on/off based on demand for vacuum that greatly reduces power consumption and extends the lifetime of the pump.
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