Laboratory glassware washer, Basic Line, 60 cm, GW1160 series

Supplier: Smeg

SMEGGW1160CA 141-0294 SMEGGW1160SCA SMEGGW1160SA 141-0683 141-0684 SMEGGW1160A 141-0682
Laboratory glassware washer, Basic Line, 60 cm, GW1160 series
Glassware Washing Machines
The Smeg disinfection machines guarantee excellent washing and effective thermal disinfection of laboratory glassware, as well as complex and delicate instruments. Designed to meet the requirements of all laboratories, it has efficacious washing and thermal disinfection capabilities and small footprint giving effective use of the available working space. Basic Line models demonstrate numerous advantages when it comes to both management and safety aspects; for example, no manual procedures are required, no chemical disinfectants are required, there is no direct contact with dangerous substances, the impact on the environment is reduced so effective washing and thermal disinfection are guaranteed.

  • Washing up to 95 °C - antibacterial thermal disinfection
  • Programmable microprocessor controller
  • Electronic programming: nine fixed programs plus 6 free programs
  • RS232 for connection to external printer or PC
  • External panels in AISI 304 stainless steel, washing chamber and internal door in AISI 316L stainless steel
  • Two independent washing levels through telescopic guides, active thermodynamic drying
  • Integrated water softener with salt sensor, cold water and demineralised water connections
  • Electronic door lock for user safety

GW1160 models are equipped with automatically regenerating water softeners, use freshly drawn water in every phase and have a dispenser for alkaline powder and a peristaltic pump for the acid neutraliser.

Delivery information: Supplied as standard with three-phase electrical supply but single phase is available on request. Supplied without baskets, please order separately.
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