Laboratory glassware washer with drying system, Basic Line, 60 cm, GW4060 series

Supplier: Smeg

141-0694EA 8180 EUR
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Laboratory glassware washer with drying system, Basic Line, 60 cm, GW4060 series
Glassware Washing Machines
The Smeg disinfection machines guarantee excellent washing and effective thermal disinfection of laboratory glassware as well as complex and delicate instruments. Designed to meet the requirements of all laboratories it has efficacious washing and thermal disinfection capabilities and small footprint so effective use of the available working space. The Basic Line models demonstrate numerous advantages when it comes to both management and safety aspects; for example, no manual procedures are required, no chemical disinfectants are required, there is no direct contact with dangerous substances, the impact on the environment is reduced by separating the drained fluids so effective washing and thermal disinfection are guaranteed.

  • Washing up to 95 °C - antibacterial thermal disinfection
  • Up to three dosing pumps integrated in the machine
  • External panels in AISI 304 stainless steel, washing chamber and internal door in AISI 316L stainless steel
  • Programmable microprocessor controller: nine fixed programs plus six free programs
  • RS232 for connection to external printer or PC
  • Eco-slim steam condenser; low water consumption (C and SC models only)
  • Active drying system with air filter
  • Security lock and automatic door opening for steam removal at the end of the cycle

GW4060 models are equipped with automatically regenerating water softeners and use freshly drawn water in every phase. These new generation machines exhibit, even in a compact space, it presents the more advanced technologies such as a drying system with forced air and integrated peristaltic pumps to achieve a perfect wash and drying cycle.

Delivery information: Supplied without baskets, please order separately.
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