High capacity laboratory glassware washer, professional line, 90 cm, GW4090 series

Supplier: Smeg

141-0695EA 10930 EUR
141-0695 141-0954
High capacity laboratory glassware washer, professional line, 90 cm, GW4090 series
Glassware Washing Machines
The range of professional Smeg washing and disinfection machines is manufactured according to specific projects using professional materials and special components in order to achieve the best results from a technological point of view. The wash chambers are made of AISI 316L quality stainless steel resistant to strong acids (as used in the pharmaceutical and food industries. GW4090 is designed to operate with one or two Levels for treating various types of substances. Possibility of washing, disinfecting and drying with the drying system.

  • Washing up to 95 °C - antibacterial thermal disinfection
  • Up to four dosing pumps integrated in the machine
  • Microprocessor programmable electronic control
  • Electronic programming: 20 settled programmes +10 free programmes
  • Serial port RS232 for connection to external printer or PC
  • External panels in stainless steel AISI 304, washing chamber and internal door in stainless steel AISI 316 L
  • four washing levels
  • Security lock and automatic door opening for steam removal at the end of the cycle
  • Delayed start and password protection
  • Wash area 0,52 m²
  • Heated fan forced drying with 98% efficiency filtered air
  • Graphic display with text in several languages

GW4090 offers 2000 Watts of fan-forced HEPA filtered drying as a standard feature as well as the capacity to internally store a range of liquid detergents and neutralizing agents. The forced air drying system has been completely updated for the GW4090 making it a truly high-performance rapid drying system. Comprising of an energy-efficient hot air generator in combination with a powerful fan, the system is directly controllable by the programmer. This allows for customisation of both operating times and temperature parameters. Finally, the microprocessors assure intelligent management of the drying circuit by automatically optimising fan speed according to the temperature measured in the chamber.

Delivery information: Supplied without baskets, please order separately.
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