In-line filters

Supplier: Agilent Technologies
HEWL5067-1553EA 538 EUR
HEWL5067-1553 HEWLG1311-60006 HEWL5067-1555 HEWL5067-4638 HEWL280960-901 HEWL01090-68703 HEWL5023-0271 HEWL01090-68702 HEWL280959-907 HEWL5067-6189 HEWL01090-27609 HEWL5065-9901 HEWL5065-4500 HEWL5022-2185 HEWL5064-8273 HEWL280959-904 HEWL5022-2165 HEWL5067-1562 HEWL5067-1551 HEWL5022-2166
In-line filters
Filters In-Line Filters
Column inlet frit contamination that can increase column backpressure and reduce efficiency. Two types of high pressure in-line filter kits for use with any HPLC system are available.

  • To prevent blockages, always use the appropriate filters in the LC system
  • Microbore column blockages are a particular problem, due to the small diameter of the inlet frit
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