LED illumination units for fluorescence, CoolLED pE-4000

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LED illumination units for fluorescence, CoolLED pE-4000
Lights LED Illumination
The pE-4000 is a universal light source for fluorescence microscopy. Users can operate the system as a simple white light source (replacing a conventional mercury-based light source), or as an advanced, fully-controllable, excitation and stimulation source.

  • More power: Wavelength grouping ensures optimal compatibility with all single- and multi-band filter sets
  • Precise intensity control, easy to use, pre-sets allowing to match white spectrum to existing filter cubes and higher contrast images from matched-white spectrum
  • Excellent field uniformity at sample (no mercury), long life (25000 hours), no bulb changing, bulb alignment or warm up process, quiet operation, high efficiency and wide range of microscope adapters

Ordering information: A complete system consists of the pE-4000, liquid light guide plus a microscope specific adapter.

Delivery information: Specific filter blocks are required but not supplied, please contact your local VWR sales office for details.
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