Biocide, ClearKlens Bi-Spore

Supplier: Diversey

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Biocide, ClearKlens Bi-Spore
Cleaning Agents Disinfectants
ClearKlens Bi-Spore is a rapid action stable two part chlorine dioxide generating system, which passes the European sporicidal test (CEN 13704) in 5 minutes, well within realistic cleanroom surface drying times, 5 to 8 minutes after surface contact.

  • Passes CEN 1276, CEN 1650, CEN 13697 and CEN 13704
  • 0,2 µm filtered, aseptically filled and double bagged
  • Supplied with certificate of analysis and sterility where applicable
  • Complimentary rotational partner to ClearKlens Tego® 2000 and ClearKlens Cleansinald

ClearKlens Bi-Spore possesses a virucidal activity on Polio and Parvovirus in one minute and a fungicidal activity on A.niger in 15 minutes. It also possess broad spectrum of activity and excellent sporicidal activity.

Caution: Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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