Vacuum controller, CVC 3000, benchtop

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Vacuum controller, CVC 3000, benchtop
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The CVC 3000 detect compact vacuum controller complete with integral vacuum valve and sensor is ready to use either as a bench top or stand mounted unit. The CVC 3000 detect is a compact two-point vacuum regulator, with integrated ceramic vacuum sensor and ventilation valve. The "detect" function provides the ability to recognise and find the boiling pressure and thus greatly facilitates the work of solvent evaporation. With integrated non-return valve and chemistry vacuum valve, it forms a highly compact and easy-to-install unit for vacuum regulation. Used in conjunction with existing vacuum pumps or networks, process efficiency is significantly increased through the "detect" electronic vacuum control, the solvent recovery is increased and the environment better protected. The programmable CVC 3000 detect is available for both bench top and stand mounting operation.

  • Detect function for independent vapor pressure detection hence time saving for other tasks
  • Compact unit with chemically resistant vacuum valve and common laboratory hose connections therefore ready to use
  • The vacuum measuring is integrated within the valve block and direct connection of the CVC 3000 detect between pump and vacuum application
  • Integrated venting valve, simple pressure balance or ventilation with inert gas at the end of the process
  • Non-return valve, no interference of parallel applications at a common vacuum source

Delivery information: Vacuum-Controller CVC 3000 detect with integrated vacuum valve, venting valve, check valve, power supply and table stand or stand mount.
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