Solid phase microextraction fibers

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VARISU57551U VARISU57348U VARISU57321U 560-0172 VARISU57355U VARISU57335U VARISU57328U VARISU57550U VARISU57345U VARISU57329U VARI391896315 VARISU57346U VARISU57323U VARISU57324U VARISU57320U VARI391896307 VARISU57327U VARI391896401 VARI391896306 VARISU57343U VARI391896313 VARISU57344U VARISU57354U VARI391896314 VARI392609902 VARISU57342U VARI391896308 VARI391896309 VARISU57356U VARI391896316 VARISU57341U VARISU57325U VARISU57357U VARI392548402 VARI391896303 VARISU57347U
Solid phase microextraction fibers
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Solid phase microextraction (SPME) is a technique for extracting analytes from solid, liquid or gaseous samples by adsorbing them onto the SPME fiber and then desorbing them into an inlet, either on a gas chromatograph (GC) or an HPLC system. SPME is amenable to automation using an autosampler or it can be performed manually as well.

Solid phase microextraction kits: Kits are also available to support method development, offering a variety of fiber types and configurations within a single kit. SPME fiber kits contain three fibers.
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