Detergent removal system, DetergentOUT™ GBS10

Supplier: G-Biosciences
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Detergent removal system, DetergentOUT™ GBS10
Protein Reagents Protein Extraction Reagents
Detergents are essential for protein solubility during protein extraction and sample preparation, especially when working with hydrophobic proteins. The presence of high concentrations of detergents in protein samples can impair ELISA, IEF, protease digestion of proteins and suppress peptide ionisation when analysed by mass spectrometry.

DetergentOUT™ GBS10 resin removes free, unbound anionic, nonionic or zwitterionic detergents (e.g. SDS, Triton® X-100 or CHAPS) from aqueous protein and peptide samples with minimal sample loss for downstream analysis by mass spectrometry and other techniques.

These columns were shown in independent studies to be fully compatible with DI-QTOF and LC-MS/MS. The use of the DetergentOUT™ GBS10 columns significantly increased the number of peptide spectra detected. In addition, the DetergentOUT™ GBS10 columns have a high binding capacity for detergents, i.e. 6 mg SDS and 14 mg Triton® X-100 by every ml settled resin.

Delivery information: DetergentOUT™ GBS10 is available in four spin format column sizes or as resin alone.
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