Heracell™ VIOS CO₂ incubators

Supplier: Thermo Scientific

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Heracell™ VIOS CO₂ incubators
Incubators CO₂ Incubators
The Heracell™ VIOS series has been designed for sensitive cultures like stem and primary cells in leading research, pharmaceutical and clinical applications. The units are available with either electropolished stainless steel or 100% pure copper interiors and have adjustable, perforated shelving, easy to clean corners with convenient access port and a reversible exterior door for added flexibility.

  • THRIVE active airflow maintains homogeneous conditions avoiding unwanted sample variation with fast recovery times of under 10 minutes utilising long life, compensating CO₂ sensors and reliable, true value monitoring with dual-temperature probes in situ. Optional O₂ control for optimisation of mammalian cell growth
  • iCAN intuitive touch screen, displays all operating parameters and functions - data/error logging, on-screen operational prompts in multiple languages, plus downloadable data through standard USB
  • Integrated water reservoir with built-in cold spot delivers 93% RH with a dry chamber plus water handling and monitoring without disrupting cell cultures and improved access
  • SteriRun™, overnight 12 hours at 180 °C disinfection cycle ensures uniform 6-log sterilisation on all surfaces with no need to remove sensors. Decon one unit whilst continuing to culture in another stacked unit
  • ISO Class 5 HEPA air filter protecting the entire chamber is fitted as standard. With the option to upgrade to a 100% solid copper chamber for ultimate contamination prevention

Probes and gas sensors are positioned in the chamber to respond quickly to any deviations in set conditions. Dual temperature probes with a PID controller provide over temperature protection by preventing overshoot during recovery; temperatures recover under 5 minutes after a 30 second door opening. There is a choice of CO₂ sensor technology: The temperature resistant, bulb-free IR180Si infrared CO₂ sensor improves stability and reliable service life. This sensor is ideal for laboratories looking for the best of both technologies for advanced, high volume, or value culturing. CO₂ measurement is not affected by changes in temperature, humidity, oxygen, or barometric pressure.

Alternatively the TC180 sensor is ideal for everyday cell culture applications giving improved stability with internal humidity compensation to speed up recovery times and minimise drift between calibrations. Many cell types thrive best in CO₂ incubators with reduced oxygen. Culturing cells at lower oxygen concentration will better simulate physiological conditions, resulting in cell behaviours that are more predictive of the in vivo environment.

The variable oxygen control ('tri-gas') incubators are equipped with advanced Zirconium oxide sensors, these units generate conditions to help cells grow faster and healthier. Users can select the incubator for their O₂ range: simulate hypoxic (1 to 21%) environments for primary cell, stem cell and embryo culturing applications, or hyperoxic (5 to 90%) conditions for research in lung, retina and other sensitive tissues.

Certifications: CE, CSA.

Accessories information: Dedicated incubators with modified chambers can be customised with Cell Lockers, these removeable, protected chambers have been designed for improved culturing efficiency and security for sensitive cultures, such as stem and primary cells, in frequently opened or shared use incubators. All components for the Cell Locker System must be ordered separately.

Delivery information: Supplied with perforated stainless steel shelves and a data collection software disc to facilitate data capture from the units USB port (Ø 42 mm). A wide range of accessories and factory fitted options such as 4 to 20 mA signal output for interfacing with external data collection systems, left hinge door, internal gas guard for CO₂ or N₂/O₂ and 3 door inner gas tight screen are available on request. Please contact Avantor for further details prior to ordering as these cannot be retro-fitted.
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