Reusable earplugs, E-A-R™ Express™

Supplier: 3M
EX01002 EX01001
111-1865EA 187 EUR
111-1865 MMMAEX01001
Reusable earplugs, E-A-R™ Express™
Earplugs Reusable Earplugs
E-A-R™ Express™ Reusable Earplugs are recognisable yellow and blue earplugs with a foam tip that’s shaped and sized for a comfortable fit. They can reduce noise levels by 28 dB, and have a hygienic insertion grip.

  • Easy to slide gently into ears with slow recovery foam
  • Foam tip gives a comfortable and effective seal
  • Features a hygienic insertion grip
  • Recognisable blue stem and yellow tip for easy identification

Protect hearing at work or during leisure activities with the E-A-R™ Express™ Reusable Earplugs. Designed to slide gently into the ear, the specially designed pod foam tip provides a comfortable and effective seal. The insertion grip eliminates the need to touch the foam, making them extremely hygienic. Get the best of both worlds with a patented slow recovery foam for a comfortable acoustic seal with quick and easy push-to-fit insertion.

Available in a recognisable yellow and blue for easy identification. Provides noise reduction to 28 dB SNR and fully tested and approved against EN 352-2. Model is compatible for use with the e 3M™ E-A-RFit™ Dual-Ear Validation System and available as a probed plug.

Certifications: EN 352-2

Caution: * One size fits all.
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