Titrator, TitroLine® 5000

Supplier: SI Analytics

TitroLine® 5000
SCOI285225740EA 3440 EUR
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Titrator, TitroLine® 5000
The TitroLine® 5000, successor to the TitroLine® easy, is a very easy to use automatic titrator for a variety of applications, including water/wastewater applications, environmental and food analysis.

  • High resolution pH/mV measurement input for pH, ORP, silver and further mV electrodes
  • PT1000 and NTC 30 temperature measurement input for automatic temperature compensation
  • Pre-installed standard methods for FOS/TAC, alkalinity, total acidity in drinks, chloride, etc
  • Linear and dynamic titration to equivalence point
  • Titration to pH and mV endpoints
  • Same manual titration and dosing function as the Titronic® 300 piston burette

Delivery information: Basic (M1) units supplied with pre-assembled 20 or 50 ml dosing unit, manual controller TZ 3880, titration clamp, stand rod, magnetic stirrer TM 50 and power supply. M2 units also include a pH electrode and buffer set. The M3 unit includes an Ag electrode instead of a pH electrode.
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