Biotin kits, HOOK™

Supplier: G-Biosciences
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Biotin kits, HOOK™
Protein Linking and Labeling Systems
HOOK™ Biotin Reagent that conjugates to proteins through amines, sulfhydryls, carboxyls or carbohydrates. The amine and sulfhydryl coupling HOOK™ Biotin Reagents couple directly to the protein through their reactive groups, however the carboxyl coupling HOOK™ Biotin Reagents require a carbodiimide crosslinker and the carbohydrate coupling HOOK™ Biotin Reagents require carbohydrate oxidation before coupling.

  • Optimizer Buffer™ for improved coupling efficiency
  • SpinOUT™ gel filtration columns for rapid (<10 minutes) purification
  • Biotin assay reagents to determine level of biotin incorporation
  • Labels 1 to 10 mg protein/reaction
  • Suitable for 10 coupling reactions

The kits include EDC as the carbodiimide crosslinker in the carboxyl coupling kits and sodium meta-periodate for carbohydrate oxidation in the carbohydrate coupling kits. Kit also contains a specific Optimizer Buffer™ that provides the optimal reaction conditions for each HOOK™ Biotin Reagent.
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