Reverse osmosis water purification system, Barnstead™ LabTower™ RO

Supplier: Thermo Scientific
Barnstead™ LabTower™ RO
BARN50132391EA 11147 EUR
Reverse osmosis water purification system, Barnstead™ LabTower™ RO
Water Purification Systems Pure and Ultra Pure Water Systems
This RO system with controller provides easy-to-read system parameters. Completely drainable, integrated 100 L high-purity water reservoir has a low-noise pressure booster as a standard component. The compact LabTower RO system is ideally suited as a feed water source for dishwashers, autoclaves and general laboratory use. It serves as a built-in pretreatment unit, consisting of a hardness stabilizer for protection of reverse osmosis module from hardness formers. An activated carbon/5 μm combi-cartridge protects the system against free chlorine and particles which ensures the long service life of downstream purification stages.

  • Two system options with permeate flows of 20 or 40 L/h
  • Stand-alone design with integrated 100 L tank takes up ZERO bench space
  • Casters allow for easy relocation
  • Developed to fulfill GLP requirements
  • Recorded and traceable data can be obtained by print out via the RS232 interface
  • Highly qualified and precise measurement of the conductivity is ensured by the cell constant of 1,6/mm

The system comes with an integrated 100 L reservoir made of high-purity polyethylene. Adjustable reservoir volume can be programmed for times of low demand. Resistivity/conductivity is clearly displayed on large back-lit control panel that tilts for optimum viewing. Status of current operating mode are clearly indicated as 'production', 'stand-by', or 'cleaning' modes. System parameters are code-protected to prevent accidental changes to set points.

Delivery information: Supplied with RO membrane(s), integrated 100 L reservoir and pressure regulator.
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