Endotoxins and pyrogens removal reagent, EndotoxinOUT™

Supplier: G-Biosciences
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Endotoxins and pyrogens removal reagent, EndotoxinOUT™
Cleaning Agents Decontaminants
EndotoxinOUT™ consists of 6% cross-linked agarose covalently linked to polymyxin B to bind and remove harmful pyrogens from a solution.

Polymyxin B is a family, polymyxin B1 and B2, of antibiotics that bind to the negatively charged site of the lipid A portion of bacterial lipopolysaccharide layer neutralizing the endotoxic activity. The covalent coupled agarose and polymyxin B is a stable matrix that resists leaching. An ideal product for the clean up of buffers, cell culture media, protein solutions, nucleic acid (DNA) samples and pharmacological components. The fractionation range is 10 to 4000 kDa.
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