Swabs, with cotton heads

Supplier: Texwipe

115-1882EA 97.6 EUR
115-1882 115-1881
Swabs, with cotton heads
Swabs Swabs for Cleaning
Sterile cotton swabs are constructed from 100% USP grade cotton. Bonded securely to a shaft by an aqueous-based adhesive. Made to exacting and consistent tolerances using high precision automated processes.

  • Gamma irradiated pre-sterilised swabs eliminating repackaging, documentation and validation of autoclaved swabs
  • Lot number and expiration date on each package and in barcode for inventory controls
  • Certificates of compliance to confirm irradiation dose with specifications
  • Clear packaging which offers visibility of seal integrity

Packaging: Easy to open, individual swabs ensuring sterility at point-of-use.

Caution: *The product(s) on this page are outside the scope of the EU Directive 2019/904
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