Titrators, automatic, TitraLab® AT1000

Supplier: Hach

661-0200EA 2470 EUR
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Titrators, automatic, TitraLab® AT1000
These automatic titrators provide reliable results without complicated analysis. They utilise application-specific kits to make it quick and easy for anyone to set up and operate a test. Ideal for drinking water, wastewater, food and beverage and in the petrochemical industry.

  • Titration types: Potentiometric (zero and imposed current), amperometric, colorimetric
  • Eliminate operator interpretation and manual processes to quickly deliver accurate and repeatable results
  • Pre-programmed titration methods detect end points and eliminate manual calculations
  • With 1 or 2 syringes, and 0, 1 or 2 integrated peristaltic pumps (depending on model)
  • For use with analogue, photocolorimetric or MTC IntelliCAL electrodes ('Plug & Play' Digital)
  • USB port for connecting the instrument to a printer, mouse, keyboard or USB hub

Maximum no. of applications: 5 (AT1102 / AT1112 / AT1122) or 10 (AT1222)

Ordering information: Supplied with tube holder (one for each syringe position available on the instrument), three sensor storage tubes and power supply.
Application packs need to be ordered separately. Depending on the application, the packs include: beakers (10×50 ml and 10×150 ml), tube with anti-diffusion tip (if necessary for the application), 2 conical adapters, 10 magnetic stirring bars, legacy sensor adapter (not included in all packs), sensor (type and quantity depends on application), syringe holding ring (1 for each syringe), syringe (depending on model), USB application key, glass bottles (not included in all packs), bottle caps (2×GL 45 and 1×GL 25) and 3 empty desiccant cartridges.
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