Zoology: prepared slides with protozoa

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Zoology: prepared slides with protozoa
Slides Prepared Slides
These prepared slides with protozoa include:

- Rhizopoda (Amoeba proteus) w.m.
- Radiolaria, mixed species, fossil
- Foraminifera from Mediterranean sea, mixed species, recent
- Euglena viridis, Flagellata, w.m.
- Ceratium hirundinella, fresh-water Dinoflagellate
- Trypanosoma gambiense, blood smear, causing African sleeping sickness
- Plasmodium, causes human malaria, blood smear
- Eimeria stiedae, infected liver, different phases of developing, sec.
- Paramecium, micro- and macronuclei stained, a common ciliate
- Vorticella, a coloniate ciliate
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