School kit for environmental microbiology

Supplier: Sartorius
SART24002EA 1470 EUR
SART24002 SART17109
School kit for environmental microbiology
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Microbiology Learning Activities
The school kit for microbiological experiments is an ideal teaching aid for instruction in microbiology and environmental protection in schools and other educational institutes. The rugged aluminum case contains all the equipment necessary for microbiological testing. The handbook included in the case provides general instructions and detailed descriptions of methods for seven experiments: Detection of microorganisms in water, air, and soil; the effects of antibiotics; detection of yeasts on substrates in nature; production of gas through alcoholic fermentation; and bacterial growth at different temperatures.The vacuum, which is necessary for the filtration, is created with help of a syringe and a three way valve.

  • Seven experiments - easy to understand
  • Compact and robust design
  • Portable

Delivery information: Kit includes two filtration systems, tweezers, culture media; inoculating loop, filter pads; instructions for seven experiments.
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