Syringe filters, Life Sciences applications, Nalgene®

Supplier: Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Syringe filters, Life Sciences applications, Nalgene®
Filters Syringe Filters
These sterile syringe filters are ideal for sterilising (0,2 µm) or clarifying biological solutions, such as cell culture and microbial media, reagents and additives, proteinaceous solutions and buffers.

  • Three-year shelf life, with lot number and expiration date printed on individual syringe filter packages for easy traceability
  • Colour coded, with membrane and pore size printed on the syringe filter
  • Female Luer lock/male Luer slip inlet/outlet connection

PES membrane; PP housing: For sterile filtration and clarification of cell culture media, buffers and additives. Higher flow rates, lower protein binding and lower extractables than cellulosic membranes. Naturally hydrophilic; contains no wetting agents. Certified sterile, non-cytotoxic and non-pyrogenic.

SFCA membrane; PP housing: For cell culture fluids and cellular solutions. Low protein binding, lower extractables than standard CA.

CA membrane; PP housing: For sterile filtration and clarification of buffers, aqueous solutions and reagents. Some protein binding and extractables.

Nylon membrane; PP housing: Useful for alcohols and weak solvents. Naturally hydrophilic, low extractables, some protein binding.

CA membrane and integral glass fibre pre-filter, PP housing: These syringe filters are designed for filtering high particulate or viscous suspensions or solutions. Filter and pre-filter in one disposable unit. Certified non-cytotoxic and non-pyrogenic.

Packaging: Sterile, individual blister packed.
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