NMR economy tubes, 5 mm, thin walled, SP Wilmad-LabGlass

Supplier: SP Industries
WG-1226-8-5 WG-1226-7-5 WG-1228-7-5 WG-1228-8 WG-1241-7-5 WG-1206-7-5 WG-1206-8-5 WG-1208-7-5 WG-1235-8-5 WG-1241-8-5 WG-1242-7-5 WG-5MMECON8-5 WG-5MMECON7-5 WG-1235-7-5 WG-1228-8-5
634-0903EA 40.7 EUR
634-0903 634-0902 634-0904 WILMWG-1228-8 634-0906 634-0898 634-0899 634-0900 634-0905 634-0907 634-0908 WILMWG-5MMECON8-5 WILMWG-5MMECON7-5 634-0929 WILMWG-1228-8-5
NMR economy tubes, 5 mm, thin walled, SP Wilmad-LabGlass
Tubes NMR Tubes
NMR tubes, economy, 5 mm, borosilicate glass ASTM E438, Type I, class B, with disposable cap.

  • Designed for routine use in most low to mid field NMR spectrometers
  • One of the best Ø tolerances in the industry
  • Guaranteed to fit tightly in a spinner turbine
  • Inspected thoroughly for surface defects and physical dimension to ensure the success of your experiments

Economy tubes are recommended for small organic molecule studies (MW ~500) at ambient temperatures. The camber and concentricity listed in the product specification table represents the upper limit value.

Caution: For NMR experiments that involve cooling, heating, biological sample, multi-dimension, multi-nuclei or DNP techniques, please refer to Wilmad Precision NMR tubes.
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