Trolley track with two trolleys

Supplier: 3B Scientific
BINHU35000EA 2210 EUR
Trolley track with two trolleys
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Mechanics Learning Activities
Track with two trolleys and other accessories for investigating linear motion. The trolleys move with minimum friction on wheels with high-quality ball-bearings. They are fitted with magnets at their front ends for experiments involving both elastic and inelastic collisions.

  • Regular movements and movements with uniform acceleration
  • Newton’s laws of motion
  • Conservation of energy
  • Elastic and inelastic collisions

It can be used in combination with a photo gate for recording the motion of a trolley.
Applications include:

Delivery information: Set includes track (1.8 m) with distance scale, two-point support, single point support with end stop, 1 × trolley (500 g), 1 × trolley with interchangeable buffer pad, additional weight (500 g), 2 × holder for light barrier, pulley and holder, clamp for stand rods, set of contact-breakers and a set of magnets.
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