NMR sample tube caps, SP Wilmad-LabGlass

Supplier: SP Industries
521-ASST-100 521-BLK-100 521-BLU-100 521-G-100 521-GRN-100 521-ORG-100 521-PUR-100 521-RED-100 521-WHT-100 521-YLW-100 521-B-100 521-A-100 521-A-1000 521-AQA-1000 521-B-1000 521-C-100 521-C-1000 521-C-BLU-100 521-C-BLU-1000 521-C-GRN-100 521-C-GRN-1000 521-C-YLW-100 521-AQA-100 521-C-YLW-1000 521-SKY-100 521-SKY-1000 521-PNK-100 521-FUH-100 521-FUH-1000 521-PNK-1000 521-J-1000 521-J-100 521-GRN-1000 521-YLW-1000 521-ASST-1000 521-BLK-1000 521-BLU-1000 521-ORG-1000 521-PUR-1000 521-RED-1000 521-WHT-1000
WILM521-ASST-100EA 12.2 EUR
WILM521-ASST-100 WILM521-BLK-100 WILM521-BLU-100 WILM521-G-100 WILM521-GRN-100 WILM521-ORG-100 WILM521-PUR-100 WILM521-RED-100 WILM521-WHT-100 WILM521-YLW-100 WILM521-B-100 WILM521-A-100 WILM521-A-1000 WILM521-AQA-1000 WILM521-B-1000 WILM521-C-100 WILM521-C-1000 WILM521-C-BLU-100 WILM521-C-BLU-1000 WILM521-C-GRN-100 WILM521-C-GRN-1000 WILM521-C-YLW-100 WILM521-AQA-100 WILM521-C-YLW-1000 WILM521-SKY-100 WILM521-SKY-1000 WILM521-PNK-100 WILM521-FUH-100 WILM521-FUH-1000 WILM521-PNK-1000 WILM521-J-1000 WILM521-J-100 WILM521-GRN-1000 WILM521-YLW-1000 WILM521-ASST-1000 WILM521-BLK-1000 WILM521-BLU-1000 WILM521-ORG-1000 WILM521-PUR-1000 WILM521-RED-1000 WILM521-WHT-1000
NMR sample tube caps, SP Wilmad-LabGlass
Closures Test/Sample Tube Closures
Manufactured in ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA).

  • Disposable
  • Caps for 4,5, 6,5, 7,5 or10 mm Ext. Ø NMR tubes
  • Available in eight colours

Not recommended for use with chloroform and DMSO.
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