Pure water system, PURELAB® Chorus 2 (RO/DI)

Supplier: ELGA LabWater
Pure water system, PURELAB® Chorus 2 (RO/DI)
Water Purification Systems Pure and Ultra Pure Water Systems
This flexible system reliably delivers Type II water.

  • Reverse Osmosis feed contains optimised resin mixes to maximise consumables capacity
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain with a clear indication of water purity
  • Optional CO2 removal from the purified water (post RO) increases the life of downstream consumables
  • Option to reduce water consumption for low hardness feed waters
  • Modular: Multiple PURELAB Chorus 2 units can feed into one reservoir and systems can be expanded post-installation

Typical applications: Stills replacement, buffer preparation, pH solution preparation, washing / rinsing, autoclaves, general chemistry, hydroponics, steam generators, steriliser feed, feed to Type I polishers.

The system can be combined with a range of storage reservoirs (15, 30, 60 or 100 l - not included) designed to maintain the optimum purity of stored purified water.
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