Coupling resins, SulfoLink™

Supplier: Thermo Scientific
PIER20402EA 948 EUR
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Coupling resins, SulfoLink™
Protein Purification Protein Purification Resins
SulfoLink™ coupling resin is porous, crosslinked, 6% beaded agarose that has been activated with iodoacetyl groups for covalent immobilisation of cysteine-peptides and other sulfhydryl molecules.

  • Iodoacetyl groups react specifically with sulhydryls (-SH) to form irreversible thioether bonds
  • Spin columns increase protocol speed; prepare and couple samples in 2 hours (peptides) to 3,5 hours (proteins)
  • Flexible coupling conditions - use pH 7,5 to 9,0 aqueous buffers, organic solvent (eg. 20% DMSO) or denaturant (guanidine·HCl), as needed for protein or peptide solubility during coupling reaction
  • Easy-to-follow protocols for sample preparation, immobilisation, and affinity purification
  • High capacity - immobilise 1 to 2 mg of peptide or 2 to 20 mg of protein per 2 ml column

Delivery information: Supplied as a 50% slurry in storage buffer (10 mM EDTA-Na, 0.05% NaN₃, 50% glycerol).
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