Yeast protein extraction reagent, Y-PER™ plus dialysable

Supplier: Thermo Fisher Scientific
PIER78999EA 463 EUR
Yeast protein extraction reagent, Y-PER™ plus dialysable
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This extraction reagent is formulated to effectively lyse yeast and bacterial cells to extract and solubilise proteins for analysis.

  • No reducing or chelating agents
  • Designed for room temperature storage
  • Fast lysis completes after 20 minutes hands-off incubation
  • Requires no rigorous mechanical disruption or lengthy enzymatic treatments

The reagent is used for Western blots, GST and histidine-tagged purification based applications. This fully dialysable formulation, allows complete exchange of the extracted protein into any buffer required by downstream techniques. The tris-based buffer has a very low ionic strength and does not include sodium chloride. The reagent is compatible with both the Thermo Scientific Pierce BCA and Coomassie Plus Protein Assays.
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