HisPur™ cobalt superflow agarose, Pierce™

Supplier: Thermo Scientific
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HisPur™ cobalt superflow agarose, Pierce™
Protein Purification Protein Purification Resins
Pierce™ HisPur™ Cobalt Superflow Agarose is a tetradentate-chelating Superflow 6 support charged with divalent cobalt, designed for high-purity, large-scale purification of polyhistidine-tagged proteins.

  • Binds 20 mg of 6xHis-GFP per ml of resin at a linear flow rate of 150 cm/hour; can bind >30 mg per ml of resin depending on flow rate
  • Highly crosslinked beads tolerate linear flow rates up to 1200 cm/hour with minimal leaching of cobalt
  • Specificity of cobalt binding to histidine-tag generally results in elution fractions with less than 10% contamination of non specific proteins
  • Maintains function after exposure to a wide variety of chemicals and pH values
  • Resin is stable through multiple cycles of cleaning and reuse

HisPur™ Cobalt Superflow Agarose is a durable resin that does not compress at flow rates used for medium- or large-scale FPLC purifications.
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