Cell-free protein expression kits, 1-step human high yield maxi IVT kit

Supplier: Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Cell-free protein expression kits, 1-step human high yield maxi IVT kit
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The 1-Step Human High-Yield In Vitro Translation (IVT) Kits enable the expression of functional proteins with 10 to 100 times greater yield per ml than other mammalian IVT systems.

  • High expression with up to 750 µg/ml of expressed protein
  • Low variability between experiments
  • Express high levels of protein with 6 hours to overnight incubation
  • Obtain functionally active proteins, including those containing disulfide bonds
  • Transcription and translation is performed in one reaction step
  • Amenable to incorporation of heavy or unnatural amino acids

The 1-Step High-Yield IVT System uses modified HeLa cell extracts to take advantage of the robust human translation machinery and generate functional full-length proteins. In this system, protein expression is performed in a proprietary dialysis device that allows a continuous supply of nucleotides, amino acids and energy generating substrates into the reaction while removing inhibitors of proteins synthesis. This continuous-exchange cell-free (CECF) system enables protein expression in an overnight incubation of up to 750 µg/ml. The complete mini-scale kit includes all the components required for transcription and translation of a recombinant gene, including an optimised expression vector.

Delivery information: Each 1- Step Human High-Yield Maxi IVT Kit contains HeLa lysate (4×500 µl), accessory proteins (4×100 µl), reaction mix (4×200 µl), 5X dialysis buffer (23 ml), positive control DNA (pCFE-GFP - 10 µg), cloning vector (pT7CFE1-NHis-GST-CHA - 10 µg), microdialysis devices (2), and nuclease-free water (3×50 ml).
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