Prepared slides: phanerogams

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Prepared slides: phanerogams
Slides Prepared Slides
Prepared slides of seed bearing plants (phanerogams), including:

  • Pine tree leaf (c.s.)
  • Pine tree, 1 year old stem (c.s.)
  • Pine tree, 10 year old stem (c.s.)
  • Pine tree, spherical male fruit (l.s.)
  • Pine tree, spherical female fruit (l.s.)
  • Pine tree, pollen (w.b.)
  • Buttercup root (c.s.)
  • Corn (mais) root (c.s.)
  • Mitosis, onion tips (s.)
  • Geranium stem (c.s.)
  • Marchantia antheridiophore (l.s.)
  • Marchantia archegoniophore (l.s.)
  • Sunflower, young stem (c.s.)
  • Tilia (linden tree), 1 year old stem (c.s.)
  • Tilia (linden tree), 3 year old stem (c.s.)
  • Lily leaf (c.s.)
  • Fig tree, leaf with foveolate stomata (c.s.)
  • Three types of leaves (c.s.)
  • Lily pollen (w.b.)
  • Lily anther (c.s.)
  • Lily ovary (c.s.)
  • Meiosis of lily anther at different phases (c.s.)
  • Capsella, young embryo (s.)
  • Capsella, medium embryo (s.)
  • Capsella, old embryo (s.)

(w.b.) = whole body; (s.) section; (c.s.) cross section; (l.s.) longitudinal section
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