Prepared slides for zoology: vertebrates and insects

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Prepared slides for zoology: vertebrates and insects
Slides Prepared Slides
Prepared slides for zoology (invertebrates and insects) including:

  • Unicellular animal (ameba or other)
  • Paramecium (wb)
  • Hydra (wb)
  • Hydra sperm gland (cs)
  • Hydra ovary (cs)
  • Male nematode (cs)
  • Female nematode (cs)
  • Egg mitosis of a horse’s nematode
  • Tubellaria, injected intestinal tube (wb)
  • Mussel Gill (cs)
  • Male mosquito mouth parts (wb)
  • Female mosquito mouth parts (wb)
  • Butterfly mouth parts (wb)
  • Honey bee mouth parts (wb)
  • Testis of migratory locust (s.)
  • Insect’s composed eye (s.)
  • House fly (wb)
  • Female mosquito (wb)
  • Drosophila (fruit fly) (wb)
  • Insect legs for digging (wb)
  • Insect legs for walking (wb)
  • Insect legs for swimming (wb)
  • Insect legs for jumping (wb)
  • Insect legs for pollinating (wb)

(wb) = whole body; (s.) = section; (cs) = cross section
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